Finished Writing

I set out to write 10 to 12 songs

for this album. I just finished

my 10th song. Now onto the

recording process. This doesn’t

mean I’ll stop writing songs over

the next few months, but I probably

won’t feel the same pressure to finish

a project. I think I’ll feel more free. If

I want to write I can, but if I don’t want

to I shouldn’t burden myself to birth

10 songs/ babies like a Catholic mother.


I think the first 6 songs I wrote

for this album are my favorites.

It’s possible I actually don’t like the

other 4 as much, or maybe it’s

because I haven’t spent as much

time with them. They haven’t had

time to sink in and effect me in the

same ways as the first 6. Who knows,

maybe the 4 will never grow on me

like the 6 have, but I plan to give it time.

I mean, they were only born within the

past 2 weeks.

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