2 Weeks

Only two weeks until my debut album, Blinds, is released

on Bandcamp. I’ll have a limited amount of physical copies,

and will order more if people are buying them. I just never

know who buys physical or digital these days.


Some of these songs were written six months ago. Some

were written over a year ago. I’ve spent so much time

with them all that I look at them in a different light than

someone who’s never heard them. I try to imagine what

people will think, but it’s hard to listen to them as if it’s

my first time.


I’m such a perfectionist. I want every album, EP, song,

etc. to be great and on par with musicians that I listen to.

I have to remind myself that this is only the beginning. I

have plenty of room to grow, and hopefully many, many

years of living and songwriting ahead of me (I’m 25).


I’m excited to see what my music sounds like, what

my voice sounds like, what the content of my lyrics

will be 5, 10, 30 years from now. I hope others are

interested and intrigued enough to go on this journey

with me in the coming years.

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