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Janus Motorcycles

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed the motorcycle sketches sprinkled in the past few months amongst the overwhelming amount of dog photos, but what can I say my dog is a great source of entertainment. Roughly the past seven months, motorcycles have also been a great source of entertainment. The crazy thing is that I don’t even know how to ride one yet. Side note, I hope to take a riding course in the next few months. Regardless, there are other aspects that draw me to motorcycles. Let me romanticize a bit for you.

The rider gets to conduct this beautiful, mechanical orchestra that’s happening on two wheels. He must maintain the many moving pieces. He’s the maestro of the machine: signaling the clutch to accent specific beats, and giving the shifter it’s cue whether to play on the upstroke or downstroke. He takes note when the throttle needs to crescendo, and when it needs an eighth note-rest.
The maestro is not exempt from taking cues of his own though. He is also one of the musicians in a jazz trio. With a song’s terrain able to be altered in an instant, he must adapt to remain upright and in sync. Only the most proficient musicians can create the illusion of making improvisation appear to be notated.

That is the imagery and beauty of Janus Motorcycles. Devin Biek and Richard Worsham are the co-founders of JM. They are located in Goshen, Indiana. The majority of their bike components are made within a 20 mile radius of their shop.
Being a life-long Hoosier, I’m very proud of local craftsmen in Indiana (I’ll mention some others in a moment). I boldly proclaim they are based in Indiana, and tend to live vicariously through them.
In order for local businesses to succeed, they need our support. By supporting them, we allow them to stay in business, continue creating their product, and they can keep representing us. With pride we will let them.

Janus walks to the beat of their own drum. They aren’t trying to be the whole band, but simply care about playing their instrument to perfection. They have written two songs for us so far. Those songs being Halcyon and Phoenix. You can be the maestro of these songs, and conduct the orchestra in your own interpretation by visiting the shop on their website.
If you’ve never sang a note in your life, but had a distant admiration to try, I would suggest starting here. These are simple yet well-written tunes for all to sing.

Here are a few other small Indiana businesses and craftsmen: guitars, swords, soft goods, leather goods, tobacco pipes, and apparel.

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