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I was driving home to Indy from my hometown,

when the first spark flew. As I merged to one of

the exits, I saw the criss-crossing interstates at

a favorable angle. The imagery was reminiscent

of spiderwebs, which was the inspiration for the

first verse of Concrete.

This photo isn’t a photo of what I saw, but

somewhat paints the picture I wanted to paint

with my words.

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Four Panes

The sixth installment of the miniseries is a little

different than the past few. I didn’t do this painting,

but it was the inspiration for the song, Four Panes.

My friend Nathan sent me a link to a Pinterest board

full of art, and I chose this one. It was probably the

least likely to be used. I mean look at it. It’s a painting

of old window panes. The painting and I had a staring

contest, and honestly, I think I won because I got what

I wanted from it. A song. As my mind went blank from

staring too long, it began to fill with a story. One that

was partially inspired by the home I grew up in, and

partially a made up tale. Even the made up parts

held truth within my own heart though. Four Panes

is one of my personal favorites from the album.

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I’m on a Boat

I think this is the fifth installment of the miniseries.

I’m starting to lose track. This is taken from the

second verse of Foulest Fleet from Blinds.

Naughty Nautical!

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Here is the fourth installment in the miniseries. I never

intended to create a miniseries, but that’s kind of what

has happened. This is taken from the first verse of Habit

from Blinds. Enjoy.

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The Moon Changes Moods

Here is the third installment of my design miniseries

that I’ve been creating inspired by lyrics from my

album, Blinds. This one is taken from the second

verse of the song Like Me.

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Clock Work

The next installment of this impromptu miniseries

is taken from the first song off the album. Not much

to say, but I have enjoyed creating some visual art

for a change. Enjoy

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A Clear Night For A…

I’ve been playing in Photoshop for the past few days,

and this is the latest piece. This is dedicated to my

brother, who claims to be the biggest fan of the song,

War in the Sky, from my album Blinds. This one’s for

you, Craig.

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New year means new art. For this post it happens

to be visual art. Even though most people know me

as a musician, most people probably don’t know I

have a BFA in Electronic Art/ Animation from Ball

State University. There are certain things I miss about

being in art school, mainly the accessibility of materials

and a studio. My visual art has transformed into what’s

accessibile to me currently, which happens to be Instagram

and Photoshop (but only until my trial runs out).

Here is something new I’m doing in 2015 to try to combine

my music and visual art. My preliminary title is “Word Painting.”

Here is the first installment that I posted today on Instagram.

Follow on Instagram at raywyatt_

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Out with the Old, In with the New Year

I wouldn’t go as far to call it a New Years resolution,

but I would like to post more blog entries in 2015. I

only posted 41 times (this makes 41) in 2014. There

is a fine line of how much information is the right

amount of information to put on a blog.

I don’t want to post every single detail about my life

and the work I’m doing, or there won’t be any mystery;

nothing left to discover once the final product is complete.

I don’t want to be a stingy post-er though, and leave people

totally disinterested.

One thing that makes it difficult though is the lack of

feedback I receive from my blog. I would like to encourage

readers to like posts that intrigue, inspire, or tickle your

fancy, and to leave comments if you feel so inclined. I’d

love to know how to taylor things better to the people who

are actually reading these posts.

Either way, I intend to be more involved in the bloggersphere

in 2015. Thank you if you have perused, read, liked, or

commented on my blog in 2014. It’s much appreciated.

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