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Song 5 and 6 “Boss Angeles” and “LAX

I figured I would combine the last two songs

into one blog post just to keep it brief. I won’t

say much about “Boss Angeles.” It’s similar

to “City of Angels” but slightly different. “City

of Angles” is meant to be ironic, and “Boss Angeles”

is meant to be satirical. That’s all I’ll say about it.

Go ahead and listen to the songs, and you’ll see what

I mean.


“LAX” is the most uplifting, happy, and resolved song

on the EP. Every other song is full of questions, doubt,

darkness, uncertainty, and ends on an unresolved note

musically. This song has no questions or uncertainty,

just a sense of longing and waiting. But it’s not the kind

of waiting that causes doubt, uncertainty, strife, and

uneasiness. Like when you go to the doctor to have major

tests done, and you’re anxiously waiting for the results

for the results. It’s a waiting filled with trust, certainty,

rest, and patience. Like when you’re sick and tired of winter

and you long for spring. You know spring will come, the

snow will melt, the sun will come out, and the temperature

will rise.


This is the kind of longing found in this song. It’s the

resolution we’ve been waiting for the whole EP. The

peace we’ve been seeking for the previous five tracks.

Just as the first five songs long to be resolved and the

tension dismissed by the sixth, so to do our souls long

to be resolved, the tension dismissed, and wholeness

ushered in.

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I’m Partial to Partial Songs

I haven’t written or really worked on a song in a couple months, which

is kind of strange for me. I feel like I’m always plucking away at something

or trying to write new songs. Since I have the EP in the on-deck circle, I

don’t feel pressured to write new songs, but I’m not feeling extremely

inspired either. I suppose you could say I have writer’s block, but I’m

not really putting forth much effort sooooooo… Yup.


I came up with a fun riff today that I really like. I started mumbling some

words, and I actually like the words I came up with for the chorus. Not so

much for the verse. I started looking back through my journal, and found

another partially finished/ started (however you prefer to look at it) song,

and I forgot how much I liked it. So out of no where, I have two new songs

in the works. I just need that extra bit of spark to push me over the edge

of creativity, so I can finish them.

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Social Media Hiatus

A couple days ago, I declared on Facebook and Twitter

that I would be taking a break from these social media

sites, and would possibly be leaving for good.


I haven’t deleted my accounts, because I’m still wrestling

with the pros and cons of it all. After all is said and done,

I may end up simply limiting my social media use. Here

are some of my pros and cons.



– Huge time suck (at least for me).

– Creates jealousy and a one-upmanship mentality as

I compare myself with others.

– I’m not interested in everyone’s opinions on everything.

– My identity and self-worth has become wrapped up in

whether or not people like/ comment on my posts.



– Stay up-to-date with friends that live further away.

– Stay up-to-date about events and happenings around town.

– Stay up-to-date with new music.


I’m not saying that getting rid of social media from my life

will get rid of the cons (problems), but I think a hiatus will help

get refocused and not have my identity defined by others and

social media.


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Long Days and Deep Thoughts

Without a day job and a lot of time on my hands, I have plenty of time to think.

Sometimes this can be beneficial, and other times it can cause me to question all

sorts of topics. Recently I’ve been thinking about music, my music, who I am as

a musician and songwriter, and who I want to be as a musician and songwriter.


With the masses of music and music genres these days, it’s hard to know where

I fit in, and honestly, where I want to fit in. I’m drawn towards various genres,

sounds, tones, rhythms, riffs, and lyrics. As a 25 year old, I hope to continually

grow and change as an artist but in what sense? In the sense that I continually

reinvent my sound in order to stay up with the times (scenario 1), or in the sense

that I only grow and change within more of a niche genre (scenario 2)?


My generation seems to be fascinated with travel, change, never being tied down,

and being totally free and in control. I lean more towards settling, consistency, planting

roots, and heeding the wisdom of an older generation, but no matter how hard I lean, I can’t

completely escape the influences of my peers and fellow generation. This thought pattern

aligns more with scenario 1.


My parents grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, and were raised by parents who probably grew up

in the 20’s and 30’s. In reality, I could keep tracing the lineage of my family throughout generations.

This means I’ve been raised with multiple generational values running through my blood. These

older generations grew up learning loyalty, family life, commitment, tradition, etc. There’s no

escaping the teachings of my parents and their parents, since the majority of my life has been under

their care. These thought patterns align more with scenario 2.


Whatever route I end up pursuing, I plan to grow along the way. That is for certain. How this

will look and what form it will take is still unknown. In the grand scheme of things, I’m in first

grade of my musical career. I plan to write and record music my entire life whether people buy

it or not. Hopefully there are many more chapters to be written in this novel, and hopefully my

discography is a long way from completion. I’m thankful for the people who have already

invested in me as a person and in my music, and I hope others will watch the story unfold.


 Music has no right or wrong choices. The only choice in decision making is whether I choose

to be at peace with the direction I have chosen, or whether I choose to question the possibility of

directions I have not chosen.

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Critique vs. Compliment part II

We usually view critiques as bad and compliments

as good. I would agree for the most part, but I have

some quick thoughts to offer.


A critique is bad when someone only points out

the flaws in a work. This is destructive. A critique

is good when someone helps reveal the weaker

areas of a work, and how to transform them into

strengths, or how to simply remove the flaw from

the piece all together. This is constructive.


A compliment is never “bad,” but some compliments

are more helpful than others. For this I’ll give an example.

Someone tells you they like your shirt. It’s in passing,

so that’s the end of the interaction. On one hand, this can

provide someone with confidence in their fashion tastes.

On the other hand, what if you designed or made that shirt?

It is good to know your shirt is likable, but it’s also good to

know why. Knowing why can provide more information in

order to continue producing likable shirts.


I give compliments like this all the time. Nice shirt. Cool hat.

Great scarf. Where’d you get that jacket? These are short but

sweet compliments that we all love to receive. We shouldn’t be

shy to engage in longer conversations as well. Especially if we’re

genuinely interested and care about the topic at hand.

I’d love to see people complimenting others, and I’d really

love to see people talking with others face-to-face. It’s happening

less and less these days, and I don’t like it.

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Critique vs. Compliment Part I

It’s technically the 9th, but I’m counting this as my post

for the 8th. I simply want to ask a question.


Through your day, do you notice yourself critiquing

or complimenting others more? This can apply to internal

or external critiques and compliments.


I’ll come back to this topic tomorrow (which is really


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Since moving to Indianapolis, I feel like

the creative juices have been flowing, mainly

regarding music but also in other mediums. I

think it has to do with all the new information

I’m taking in as I learn about this city.


I’m learning that Indy is full of small communities.

An easy example is to look at the neighborhood in which

we live. It quickly shows the geographic community to

which we belong. Our lives are full of groups, communities,

subcultures, and even subcultures within subcultures.

We love our subcultures, and we show it by starting

clubs and organizations, or in smaller ways such as

making T-shirts or posting about it on our favorite social

media sites.











My most recent idea is one that revolves around the social

media sphere. I’ve started using #indyinsite. Hash tags are

used for creating groups. Some might even say communities

or subcultures. This hash tag has three ways it can be read/ used

as a hash tag. They’re all pretty self explanatory.


1.) Indy in site. Example: posting a photo of the city.

2.) Indy insight. Example: posting a fact or poem about Indy.

3.) Indy, IN site. Example: any site (place) in the greater Indy area.


Indy, let’s grow in our love for our city. Let’s learn from our neighbors.

Let’s share our insights and knowledge of this beautiful place. Let’s create

the Indy we see in our imaginations. #indyinsite.



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Trying Something New

I released my debut album “Blinds” three days ago.

I’m really excited for people to hear, listen to, think about,

reflect on, engage in, connect with, and enjoy these songs.

Some of these songs I wrote over a year ago, and they still

have great meaning to me. Others I’ve only had for 7 months

and they’re still growing on me.


Most people write music that will grab their listeners within

seconds or less than a minute. I write music in which the listener

needs to listen to the whole song, and really the whole album together.


I like to create stories, some based on truth; some fictional. I write songs

that appear simple, but spend some time with them and hopefully the

beauty will blossom. Some songs are more about the visual picture

being created with words and less about the story. Other times, I’m

not specifically talking about what the lyrics are talking about. There

may be a larger theme at play, or the subject of the song is just the

mouthpiece for a bigger subject.

I understand this is hard to do. It’s not easy to find time out of our

busy schedules, let alone find time to spend with a new artist or new

music. This is something I’m trying to learn for myself. Would you

join me in the struggle of getting out of our comfort zones and trying

new things, new music, new artists, and just plain new?

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