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25 Years. 25 Things

25 things about myself/ life in my 25 years

1. I need others.

2. Question asking is an art.

3. I am like no one else, but at the same time…

4. … Just because things manifest differently doesn’t mean we aren’t the same.

5. Intimacy is scary, but…

6. … I long to be known.

7. Honesty is very important to me

8. Love is a mystery… Except when it comes to loving myself.

9. I’ve had a pretty easy life thus far.

10. Listen, think, be patient, and be gracious.

11. Everyone has a story, and it’s worth listening to.

12. Nowadays I think I have more doubts than assurances… I could be wrong.

13. I tweak everything slightly to make something my own. Maybe it stems from a rebellious  standpoint. Maybe it’s because I’m a perfectionist at times, and I think everything can be improved. Maybe it’s because I like to create systems and structures that make sense to me.

14. I just said I’m a perfectionist at times…

15. … and I like to create systems and structures.

16. I express myself through music and lyrics not through visual art…

17. … even though I was an Animation major in college.

18. We all worship something.

19. I appreciate when women don’t wear makeup.

20. I would like to think I’m a pretty good lyricist, but I sucked at writing papers in high school and college.

21. I have high closure needs, so no matter how hard it is to finish this list I will finish it one way or another.

22. I can be pretty gullible. When I talk with someone, I believe they are telling me the truth. Maybe I’m a little too trusting of others.

23. I’m very introverted. This doesn’t mean I don’t like people though…

24. … I just prefer one-on-one interactions.

25. And the coup de grace… Never think you’ve arrived. There is always something to grow in, to learn, to get better at, etc. Keep being a student in life.

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