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I Have Longed

The end is drawing near on the Blinds miniseries,

but it has been fun to shed some light, even if it’s

only a candles-worth, on these songs. This is

inspired by the song For a Place. I believe it was

the first song I wrote once I moved to Indy. I had

no plans to leave Bloomington, but the good that

has come from it is unexplainable. For one thing,

I have a wife now. I think moving was the right decision.

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Last night we recorded the piano (technically keyboard)

for the album. My friend Joe Hamgeri and I have been

getting together for the past month or so coming up

with parts for the album. He recorded seven tracks in

three and a half hours. He knocked them out!


I was happy that I got to play the part that I came up

with for one of the songs. The timing was kind of tricky,

so to save us time, I just recorded it. But by the time I

was done, Joe had figured out the timing.


He did a great job coming up with subtle, yet creative

parts that gave a little more flesh to these originally

bare-bone songs. I’m so thankful Joe was able to be

part of this project, even last minute after two prior

piano players had to cancel on me. Joe filled a great

need. Thanks Joe.

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Quick Update

1 guitar track remains.

6 vocal tracks remain.

Trying to record twice-a-week

for the next 3 weeks.

Will it happen?

Let’s hope.

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Quick update: I’ve started recording vocals.

Trying to tackle a song or two each week

depending on the difficulty of the song, and

if I’m having a good night of singing. There’s

only so much I can accomplish in two to three

hours, but I like how things are progressing.

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Recording begins today!

Super excited to be in the

studio. I’ll be recording

every Monday until I’m

finished, but there are

others who will be

recording as well.

Happy Monday.

Happy Recording.

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The Runcible Spoon



Flower Stained Glass

Flower Stained Glass

Back Room

Back Room







Swan Stained Glass

Swan Stained Glass



This is my favorite café/ restaurant in

Bloomington. I will miss this place. The

atmosphere as you can see is one-of-a-kind.

You never know the type of person you’ll

meet there. The staff blends into the patrons

because of their no-uniform policy. It’s a place

where people can be themselves. They serve

breakfast all day, so they immediately had me

hooked. They have some delicious desserts,

mainly tarts. They have Irish nights, which I’ve

been to once, where people sang and played

Irish music for a few hours. The staff are fun,

easy-going, and a pleasure to get to know

and hang out with. Luckily I will only be an

hour away, but I will miss not being able to

go there whenever I damn well please.

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Moving On

Within the next month I’ll be moving from Bloomington

to Fountain Square in Indianapolis. Luckily it’s not far

from Btown, but it won’t be quite the same. This town

is one of the best, if not the best town, in Indiana. I plan

on visiting and keeping it close to my heart.

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