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Don’t Eliminate the Middle Man

If you’ve followed the updates about the “LA” EP, you’ll know

there have been a couple setbacks and changes made pretty

recently. I have another update/change to mention, but this one

I’m very excited to announce, but before I jump to it, I’ll give

some backstory.


When I found out my friend Brandon wasn’t going to be able

to contribute to the EP anymore, I was pretty bummed and I

had to start rethinking my game plan. My musings took me back

to a conversation I had with a guy, who at the time, was more of

an associate/acquaintance than a friend. ***** see below


Totally separate from the EP, I reached out to him about working

together on a song. He was immediately pumped to collaborate

on the song, so I think it gave me more confidence to present him

with the idea of working together on the EP. I emailed him about

it, and once again he was immediately pumped to collaborate.


Enough backstory. Without further ado, I’m pleased to announce

that John “Middle Man” Gilpin will be making beats for the “LA” EP.

I won’t speak for John, but I will direct you to him. You can check him

out on Twitter at @MiddleMan1991, and make sure to check out some

of his beats on Soundcloud.


***** To John: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Young John

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