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Music Videos

While I’m saving money in order to record my next album, I still want to be producing new content. You know, for my “fans.” So far, I’ve made two videos. The first is what I call a music videoette for the songĀ Victory. The second was a near-full-length video forĀ Dwell.

IMG_2565Both videos were shot on my iPhone 6s using a Osmo mobile stabilizer and edited with iMovie. Pretty primitive equipment compared to the gear that’s on the market today, but if I don’t have the money to record an album, I definitely don’t have the money to spend on video equipment.

The simplicity and limitations of these videos parallel my music nicely. If someone commissioned me to write and record an album entirely with an acoustic guitar and my vocals, without any kind of layering, I would be ok with that. That’s how all my songs start out anyways.

I plan to make at least two more music videos. I’m just waiting for the sun to come out and the temperature to rise.

Click the links above to watch. Please like, share, tweet, blog, etc.

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Post on Posting

I want to get in the habit of posting something

everyday, but in order to do this, I’ll have to get

creative and broaden my scope. It could be as

simple as a photo. Maybe a couplet. Perhaps

an interesting interaction that I had or I saw.

I want to provide interesting posts, but at the

same time I want to practice consistency,

discipline, and forcing myself to look at my

everyday world through a creative lens.

The experiment begins now.


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