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One Week Away

I’m getting really excited that my debut album

is releasing in one week on April 22nd. Even

more exciting is my album release party on

April 26th. I’m primarily doing a digital release

on Bandcamp.com in order to manage costs, but

I will have 100 physical copies to start off, but it’s

hard to estimate who buys physical vs. digital these



On one hand there is a sense of completion and being

finished, but as an artist that’s never the overall sense.

I’m always looking ahead, looking for what’s next, trying

to improve, never being satisfied, and always hoping that

the best one is the next one.

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Quick Update

1 guitar track remains.

6 vocal tracks remain.

Trying to record twice-a-week

for the next 3 weeks.

Will it happen?

Let’s hope.

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