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Life Update

It’s been almost a month since my last post. I left off

by breaking down each song of my new “LA” EP. I released

it almost one month ago, and then I fell of the face of the

earth. Sorry about that. I lost my job, was looking for a new one,

and the EP took a backseat. I’d like to play the EP at some shows/

house shows around Indy, but I’m still trying to figure out what kind

of instrumentation to use. Also, it would be great to get a couple

other people to play with me in order to add more layers.


Hopefully I’ll be posting regularly again now that life is becoming

a little more regular. I’ll have to play it by ear for now. Until then,

pick up my EP from raywyatt.bandcamp.com. It’s only $5, so get

yourself a digital stocking stuffer.

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Song 4 – “City of Angels”

With the title “City of Angels,” you might think this

song captures the beauty and highlights of Los

Angeles. I took the ironic approach, and decided

to cover some of the darker themes of Los Angeles.

Just to clarify, I don’t want to come off as if I’m bashing

L.A., because these themes and issues can be true of

any city. I also don’t want people to think the darkness

is “out there” somewhere in the city, but the darkness

spreads to you and me. It’s in all of us. We might think

our bodies are cities of angels, but when I look into the

heart of my city, I’m no angel.

The verses of this song point out the dark aspects of

L.A., but the chorus starts out affirming the “City of Angels”

slogan. The last line of the chorus ends with a hint of doubt

that maybe L.A. isn’t what he thought it was. Maybe it’s not

the “City of Angels.”

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“LA” EP Finally

This EP has been a long time coming. I wrote it back

in January of 2013, and almost two years later it will

be released. I’ll be digitally releasing it on my Bandcamp

site on November 16, 2015. Here’s the album art and

track listing.

  1. Lost Angeles
  2. Los Angeles I
  3. Los Angeles II
  4. City of Angels
  5. Boss Angeles
  6. LAX

I hope to post more about the EP as the release date

draws nearer.

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“LA” EP Part 2

Nowadays I feel like what I write about

has nothing to do with what the song

is actually about. I write about something

specific, but it’s not about that specific thing.

It is, but it goes beyond that.

I think my lyrics would be boring if it didn’t.

They should cause people to think, interact,

and go beyond the obvious. People don’t

like to do that these days, and I’m included.

Yes this EP is about LA but it’s also not about LA

at all.

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This past Monday, I experienced cold like never before

in Indiana. It was roughly -35 degrees that day with

about a foot of snow. Let’s just say I didn’t get out much

that day, but what I did do was write an EP. I basically got

the whole thing done, except for one song I wrote the day

before. Still, five songs in one day is something I’ve

never done, or even cared to do honestly.

I had a concept for the EP as a whole but also for individual

songs. I started to work on it around 9 or 10am, and I figured

I would see how much I could get done. I tried to keep it simple

and not over think it. I ended up finishing around 6:30pm. I

made some changes in the last few days, but tried to keep them

to a minimum. There was something special that happened while

I wrote those songs, and I don’t want to take away from

that by rewriting everything.

I might talk more about the EP in another post, but for now I’ll

end with the two potential titles. The first is simply “LA” EP. The

second is “LA In A Day” EP.

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