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Trying Something New

I released my debut album “Blinds” three days ago.

I’m really excited for people to hear, listen to, think about,

reflect on, engage in, connect with, and enjoy these songs.

Some of these songs I wrote over a year ago, and they still

have great meaning to me. Others I’ve only had for 7 months

and they’re still growing on me.


Most people write music that will grab their listeners within

seconds or less than a minute. I write musicĀ in which the listener

needs to listen to the whole song, and really the whole album together.


I like to create stories, some based on truth; some fictional. I write songs

that appear simple, but spend some time with them and hopefully the

beauty will blossom. Some songs are more about the visual picture

being created with words and less about the story. Other times, I’m

not specifically talking about what the lyrics are talking about. There

may be a larger theme at play, or the subject of the song is just the

mouthpiece for a bigger subject.

I understand this is hard to do. It’s not easy to find time out of our

busy schedules, let alone find time to spend with a new artist or new

music. This is something I’m trying to learn for myself. Would you

join me in the struggle of getting out of our comfort zones and trying

new things, new music, new artists, and just plain new?

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