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Piano Tuner

The miniseries is coming to a close. This is one of the

last entries. This song was inspired during a piano tuning.

I watch for quite some time as the tuner carefully did his

work. It was mundane, and at the same time beautiful. I

watched and listened as the man loosened and tightened

every string meticulously in order to bring them back to their

original state and sound.

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Last night we recorded the piano (technically keyboard)

for the album. My friend Joe Hamgeri and I have been

getting together for the past month or so coming up

with parts for the album. He recorded seven tracks in

three and a half hours. He knocked them out!


I was happy that I got to play the part that I came up

with for one of the songs. The timing was kind of tricky,

so to save us time, I just recorded it. But by the time I

was done, Joe had figured out the timing.


He did a great job coming up with subtle, yet creative

parts that gave a little more flesh to these originally

bare-bone songs. I’m so thankful Joe was able to be

part of this project, even last minute after two prior

piano players had to cancel on me. Joe filled a great

need. Thanks Joe.

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