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Avenoo Blues – Song 2

My second song is about Indiana Avenue, and the music

scene during the early to mid 1900s. Blues was one of

the popular genres during the Avenue’s heydays. The

song is written from the perspective of someone who

knew the saloons, bars, and juke joints during its golden

years, which is why they are singing the blues. They miss

the greatness that once was. I also did my darnedest to make

it sound as if it was recorded during that time period. Give it

a listen here.

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Victory – Song 1

I can’t believe this is my first post of the new year.

On the other hand, I’ve been living my life more in

the real world instead of online, so I guess I can believe



My most recent and exciting endeavor is my 10-week

music residency at the Harrison Center for the Arts. I’m

in the middle of my third week, and I have to write and

record one song per week. Each song must be placed-based,

so it has to be about Indianapolis in some way. My first song,

which you can listen to here, is about Lady Victory atop the

Soldiers and Sailors Monument.


This is my first attempt at recording all by myself, so it’s

not perfect but it’s a great learning experience. With that

said, it turned out pretty good. I definitely have a greater

respect for sound engineers. Make sure to give it a listen

and stay tuned for the next 9 songs.

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Kickstarter Campaign

We’re about halfway through my Kickstarter campaign.

I haven’t promoted it too much, because I don’t want to

bog people down or feel pushy. As time draws near, I’m

getting more and more worried and more and more desperate.

I’m not a huge fan of asking people to donate their hard-earned

money towards my own goals. On the other hand, I do feel

passionate about this album and its individual tracks. I wish I

could show people snippets of these songs, but we can’t start

recording until we reach our goal. It’s a bit of a catch 22 at this


I will say that I’ve been honing my skills and ears for tone and quality

over the last couple years. We’re also working with The Lodge Studio

in Indianapolis, IN. Michael, the owner of The Lodge, has been a sound

engineer for over 30 years and has worked with artists such as Bela Fleck,

Gavin DeGraw, John Legend, Jack Johnson, Pink, Weezer and many more.

He worked out in L.A. before moving to Indy. I can’t wait to have his expertise

on this album. Please consider being part of this album financially, but please

do so quickly since time is running out. Thank you.

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Studio Update

Just a quick update, I’m back in the studio, and this time

with the help and sound engineering of Adrian Pumphrey.

The acoustic guitar tracks are done. Vocals are next on the

list. Female vocals by Rebekah Osborn after that, followed

by the accessory instruments. While all this is happening

my dude, John “the Middle Man” Gilpin, will be crafting the


That’s all for now, but I hope to post more about my time

in the studio. Thanks.

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Recording. Finished.

Last night I finished recording for my

debut album, Blinds. It was a long

road of recording. Longer than it should

have been, but I had some bumps

along the way that didn’t speed me

up at all.

First, I  worked with a new sound

engineer. It took us a while to sync up

and get on the same page regarding how

we were going to approach recording the

different tracks. Second, I doubled all

the acoustic guitar tracks, and I decided to

change the key to 7 of the 10 tracks after I

had the majority already recorded.  Lots

of backtracking quite literally. Thirdly, as

I was recording, I was meeting with a female

vocalist and a piano player in order to come

up with parts. Once that was done, they had

to record those parts, which didn’t take long,

but more time nonetheless. Fourthly, I was

only able to record once a week for about 3

hours. All together I recorded for 6 to 7


I was hoping for a much smoother and quicker

process, but recording never is what you hope

for. Looking forward, I’m glad it’s almost done.

I’m excited for people to finally hear the music

I’ve been talking about for over a year.

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Last night we recorded the piano (technically keyboard)

for the album. My friend Joe Hamgeri and I have been

getting together for the past month or so coming up

with parts for the album. He recorded seven tracks in

three and a half hours. He knocked them out!


I was happy that I got to play the part that I came up

with for one of the songs. The timing was kind of tricky,

so to save us time, I just recorded it. But by the time I

was done, Joe had figured out the timing.


He did a great job coming up with subtle, yet creative

parts that gave a little more flesh to these originally

bare-bone songs. I’m so thankful Joe was able to be

part of this project, even last minute after two prior

piano players had to cancel on me. Joe filled a great

need. Thanks Joe.

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Yesterday was a wonderfully productive day,

but not really for me. This productivity benefited

me, but Rebekah was the productive one (and

reproductive I might add). As you may be able to

tell, she’s pregnant. 39 weeks pregnant.












After she cancelled our recording session last week

due to a nasty flu bug, I was super stressed out that

she would have her baby before she had the chance

to record her vocals. Even yesterday, I was worried

that she would go into labor during our session and

her vocals would remain unfinished, which would also

render my album unfinished. Once she finished recording

her final track, I was finally able to rest and be at ease.

I even said to her, “Okay. Go have your baby,” or

something along those lines.


I’m so thankful for Rebekah and the offering of her

time and talent to this project, even with two little children,

basically a third, and a working husband. I hope being part

of this album caused more joys than burdens for her. Thanks


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Quick Update

1 guitar track remains.

6 vocal tracks remain.

Trying to record twice-a-week

for the next 3 weeks.

Will it happen?

Let’s hope.

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Quick update: I’ve started recording vocals.

Trying to tackle a song or two each week

depending on the difficulty of the song, and

if I’m having a good night of singing. There’s

only so much I can accomplish in two to three

hours, but I like how things are progressing.

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Caught Up

I’ve caught up with myself.

I only have a few more guitar

tracks to record then I’m moving

onto vocals. Almost simultaneously,

the piano and female vocals will start

being recorded.

Recording got cancelled tonight, but

I’ll be making up for it next Sunday and

Monday night. I’m pretty jazzed to get

some more layers happening soon.

I’m ready for these recordings to start

taking shape.

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