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This past Monday, I experienced cold like never before

in Indiana. It was roughly -35 degrees that day with

about a foot of snow. Let’s just say I didn’t get out much

that day, but what I did do was write an EP. I basically got

the whole thing done, except for one song I wrote the day

before. Still, five songs in one day is something I’ve

never done, or even cared to do honestly.

I had a concept for the EP as a whole but also for individual

songs. I started to work on it around 9 or 10am, and I figured

I would see how much I could get done. I tried to keep it simple

and not over think it. I ended up finishing around 6:30pm. I

made some changes in the last few days, but tried to keep them

to a minimum. There was something special that happened while

I wrote those songs, and I don’t want to take away from

that by rewriting everything.

I might talk more about the EP in another post, but for now I’ll

end with the two potential titles. The first is simply “LA” EP. The

second is “LA In A Day” EP.

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