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A Few New Things

As you probably noticed, my Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful.

We’re still rehearsing and trying to prepare to record, and I’m trying to

brainstorm ways to raise money.

My wife and I moved into our house just over a week ago. We’re trying

to get settled, and make it feel like our home. It still doesn’t feel like home

yet, but I’m glad to be back in Fountain Square.

The “LA” EP is still being finalized. We’ve been busy and have upgraded

some of our software, but we’re about 90-95% finished.

That’s just a quick update on somethings that have been happening lately.

I’ll try to post more frequently, but things have been a little crazy.

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July Update

The “LA” EP is one step closer to being finished and being in your ears.

I received the first rough mix from my sound engineer, and honestly I

haven’t heard these songs for a few weeks. When I listened to it, I felt

as if it was a first listen for me. I tried to approach it as if I had never heard

these songs before, and tried to hear it as you would hear it. I might post

some thoughts once I release it on how I would like you to approach these

songs; similar to an artist statement.

A tentative release date for the EP will be mid to late August. Stay tuned.

I’ll try to keep sending out updates as things progress.

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